at Sabor con tradición as the name suggests, we are producing in our Latin American Restaurant / Steakhouse specialties in the traditional way and with recipes that can be treasured by the family Gallardo since more than 80 years.
Our most popular specialties are our Empanada from Argentina, our fantastic Argentinian steaks, our incomparable Tostaditas de tinga and tasty tacos al pastor from Mexico.
We offer two selected delicacies of broad premium Argentine meat. For one thing, very juicy Argentine steak and noble Argentinean rump steak with the famous flavoring edge.
The product range of our empanadas ranges from vegetarian empanadas over empanadas with chicken empanadas with beef filling up to.
All ingredients used by us, are of the highest quality and come from controlled suppliers.

An unforgettable taste experience wishes you

Sabor con Tradición