2 Pieces  Empanadas de carne ...  4,20 €

Two savory beef pastries

2 Pieces  Empanadas de pollo ...  4,00 €

Two savory chicken pastries

2 Pieces  Empanadas de jamon y queso ...  3,80 €

Two savory ham and cheese pastries

2 Pieces  Empanadas de choclo y queso ...  3,80 €

Two mild sweet corn and cheese pastries

2 Pieces  Tostaditas de tinga ...  5,90 €

Two crispy corn tortillas with a savory fi lling of tender chicken breast and a subtle onion chipotle sauce. Served with mashed beans and a fresh salad

  Papa a la Huancaina ...  4,90 €

Potato with egg in a creamy Peruvian spicy chili sauce with peanuts served with fresh salad, boiled eggs and black olives

  Guacamole con Totopos ...  5,50 €

Fresh avocado cream with homemade corn chips

  Choripán ...  5,90 €

Choripán, one of the most well-known Argentinian specialties. A savory Argentinian sausage served in bread and traditional Argentinian Chimichurri-sauce

  Ensalada criolla ...  4,60 €

Traditional Argentinian and Latin American salad. The perfect accompliment to grilled meats. Fresh salad leaves with slices of tomato, bell pepper and fi ne onions. Served with an olive oil and
apple vinegar dressing

  Ensalada de carne de res con queso azul, palta y aderezo balsámico de albahaca ...  7,90 €

Tasty fresh salad leaves with juicy stripes of steak, avocado and blue cheese. Served with an olive oil, balsamico, garlic and fresh basil dressing. A true gourmet combination of fl avors

  Ensalada de tomates asados sobre colchón de rúcula ...  4,60 €

Salad of juicy freshly grilled tomatoes on a bed of rocket salad. Served with green olives, croutons and an olive oil, Balsamico and fresh lemon juice dressing

  Crema de maíz ...  4,90 €

Light corn-cream soup with a touch of lime juice

  Sopa de Tortilla ...  5,40 €

A rich tomato and chicken broth served with crunchy corn tortilla strips, avocado, „herder‘s cheese“ and a touch of crème fraîche. Experience this soup‘s diff erent textures

Main courses
  Chorizos al horno con una salsa de tomate y pure de Batata ...  9,40 €

Delicious oven roasted Argentinian Chorizo sausages with a rosmary and tomato sauce and mashed sweet potato

200g  Argentinisches Entrecôte ...  16,90 €

Premium quality Argentinian Entrecôte steak

300g  Argentinisches Entrecôte ...  23,90 €

Premium quality Argentinian Entrecôte steak

200g  Argentinisches Rumpsteak ...  17,90 €

Premium quality Argentinian Rumpsteak

300g  Argentinisches Rumpsteak ...  24,90 €

Premium quality Argentinian Rumpsteak

  Parrilla Gaucho ...  21,90 €

Mixed dish of premium quality Rumpsteak, round steak and lamb short loin with fresh vegetables and french fries

  Milanesa ...  10,90 €

Tender breaded pork served with french fries and a small fresh salad

  Milanesa ...  12,90 €

Tender breaded beef served with french fries and a small fresh salad

  Flautas ...  9,80 €

Crispy corn tortillas fi lled with tender chicken breast. Served with delicious black beans, a spicy tomato sauce, “herders cheese“ and a fresh salad

  Tacos al Pastor ...  12,90 €

Pork marinated in a refreshing lime, orange and achiote sauce and then roasted. Served with fresh pineapple, lime, cilantro, onion and corn tortillas

  Yuca frita ...  3,90 €

Crunchy Yucca sticks served with a spicy tomato garlic sauce

  Batata frita ...  3,90 €

Crunchy sweet potato sticks served with a hot chipotle sauce

  Papa frita ...  3,20 €

Crunchy potato sticks served with a hot chipotle sauce

  Cebollas tostadas ...  3,20 €

Juicy roasted onions

  Verduras Mixtas ...  3,30 €

Freshly grilled eggplant and zucchini strips in a herb marinade

  Papa al horno ...  3,10 €

Oven-baked jacket potatoes with a light sour cream sauce or herb butter

  Ensalada rusa ...  3,40 €

Potato salad with peas, carrots and mayonnaise dressing

  Choclo ...  4,10 €

Juicy corn-on-the-cob with a homemade herb or redwine butter